Land Information Management Solution (LIMS) is a browser-based software solution for the management of land information, automation of land registration and printing of computerized Certificate of Occupancy. LIMS organizes the land registration information for easier property searches, digitization of survey plan, document management and allocation of land to the public.
LIMS is designed to ease the operations of government institutions, town land administrators and estate developers in their management of land information. It takes into consideration all processes involved in the acquisition, allocation and registration of land.
LIMS tracks all fees payable by property owners like ground rent, property tax, registration fees etc and presents a complete account of the revenue accrued as well as advanced report of the revenue for easier analysis. With LIMS you can send reminders (email and SMS) to payment defaulters as well as track and locate properties that have defaulted in payment on the LIMS map.
LIMS has an integrated mapping capability and can be used to map all properties using a third-party map (Google maps). With LIMS you can locate any property on the map, find routes to properties as well as add both static and panoramic geo-tagged pictures of properties to the map.

Benefits of LIMS include:

Success Stories

LIMS has been successfully deployed in Enugu State Ministry of Lands and also Anambra State Ministry of Lands, Surveys and Town Planning.